Royalty Free Music For Travel Videos and Montages

The most time-consuming part of planning any video is finding the right music track and the toughest part is finding one that is royalty free. To ease your pain we have created a list of the best royalty free music for travel videos. Check out and do let us know about your favorite track in the comments section.

Here is a list of Royalty Free Music For Travel Videos and Montages.


1. Holy Ghost – GameFace (No Copyright music)

A perfect mix of beats and Indian vibes this trippy track goes best with time lapses, busy roads, and city streets. For best results try montaging the video clips in sync to the beats or just use your imagination and break the rules. 🙂


2. Inspiration – Unknown Brain ft Aviella

This song has perfect vibes of a music video. The subtle smart beginning and proper end let you turn your travel video into something very professional. You can utilize your B roll footage and selfie videos in between to personalize it as you want. The highs and lows are so impeccably balanced that you will be able to use all kind of shots.


3. Heroes Tonight – Janji

As the name suggests this track best goes with the videos made in the night. From LA and Libiza party nights to the grand Dubai night outs. It will add a boost to your lively clips with a layer of rush and happiness which is enough to trigger the joy in your audience. 😉


4. Say The Word – Defqwop

Perfect for the summer holiday clips and GoPro selfie videos this song has bright young vibes. Increase the speed to 1.25x and use it with those cool shots of longboarding and road trips. How about jumping off a clip into the water?


5. Meant To Be – Arc North

So, How many times do we find a professionally edited copyright free song for our videos? Almost never! Right? Check this cool masterpiece by Arc North which can turn your regular video into a pro Travel video. It’s refreshing, trendy, Melodious and the best part? It’s royalty free!


6. Defeat The Night

Here is the one with some extra bang and drops, perfect for the time wraps and moto vlogs. The vocals and the drops are strong which can be used in an intro of vlog or with the B roll footages. It’s not that easy to find such neat royalty free music for travel videos so better you add it to your playlist!


7. Alexandra Vocal Sessions

This pack is a delight for the vloggers who add small clips and time-lapse in between. If you’re making a travelogue video then you can use these samples to fill the gap between the narration. Or just use them to make a nice intro or outro. The royalty free vocal samples are very hard to find and they come very handy if you’re a filmmaker.


8. Travelust – Ednarg Music

Something for the hippie holidays and cool Hawaii beach days. An easy chilled out track for which you don’t have to use planned shots. Just stack the clips chronologically, add some transitions and hit the render button!


9. The Chainsmokers – All We Know

No, Not Kidding! It’s free! How? It’s edited and remixed on different beat rate! I don’t think that this track needs any introduction. Most of us already know how, where and when to use it. It’s a masterpiece! So all the travel love buddies out there take a note of this remix!


10. Get So High – Selena Gomez ft the Chainsmokers

It’s Selena ft The Chainsmokers! That too royalty free. Use it with all those cool drone shots and fast the motion stacked clips of the long drive. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with it. You can even mix it with vocal samples to create something which suits your style. 🙂

If you’re interested in more Royalty free music for travel videos then checkout NoCopyRighSounds, RyanTuberYouTubers MusicVlog No Copyright Music and ShadowZ on YouTube.

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