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Since last few years Parvati Valley, also known as mini Israel of Himachal Pradesh/India is grabbing a lot of attention from the young travelers. Mystical Pine Forests, Rave parties, and Marijuana; the valley contains everything youngsters seek nowadays. Kasol, the most famous town of the valley is where most of the travelers prefer to stay. However, If you can trek a bit then there is a Small village Chalal which is better than Kasol because of the many reasons.

1. Chalal is more Peaceful

Most of the crowd get filtered in Kasol itself as half stays in town and half proceeds further in the valley towards Tosh and Kheerganga. Only a few who are looking for peaceful ambiance proceed towards Chalal. But don’t let this Peace fool you. Deep inside the forest, someone is raving always!

2. Beautifully Located

Chalal is only 20 minutes walk away from Kasol which makes it one of the most easily accessible Villages in Valley. However, The only way to reach Chalal is by doing a short trek from Kasol.
Starting from crossing a suspension bridge over the roaring Parvati river to drifting through the Scenic trail amidst the Pine Forest, You will have it all here! Echoes of Parvati, rustling Pine trees, and chirping birds create an absolutely psychedelic setback for your trip.

3. Pocket-Friendly

Unlike Kasol Chalal offers cheap accommodation and cafes. You can choose between Comfortable homestays, Hotels and Riverside Camps. Hotels and Camps can charge you anything between $7 to $10 while homestays will let you in for as low as 4 bucks!

4. Tempting Food

This is the reason why I love Chalal, Amazing food at unbelievable prices.
Menu cards of cafes are heavily dominated by the Israeli cuisines but you will be able to find most of the things you wish to eat. My experience with food in Chalal was out of this world. Everything I ordered was fresh and under my budget.
What’s better than having a Sizzler on a Monday morning sitting near Riverside?

5. Safe

Parvati Valley is often in the news for trekkers being lost and illegal activities of Hashish mafias which make travelers question the safety of valley. These issues can not be ignored but they are limited to the upper secluded areas. Chalal is inhabited by locals who live with their families and depends on tourists to earn their livelihood. All in all, Chalal is safer than the Amsterdam.

So, If you’re planning to visit Parvati Valley to seek some peace with safety in the budget then it is the place for you. With mystical pine forests, Serene river bank, Delicious food, and psychedelic atmosphere Chalal indeed holds the essence of Parvati!

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