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How to Manage a Travel Account on Instagram

How to Manage a Travel Account on Instagram

“Travel and tell no one” – Khalil Gibran

I bet if Khalil had Instagram then he would have never said it. The Internet has reached the Everest and a trip is incomplete without putting a picture online. People are getting famous by uploading their journey to Instagram and getting paid for it. This article will tell you how to manage and theme a travel account on Instagram for maximum engagement.

How to Run a Professional Travel Account on Instagram


1. Follow a Theme

Who doesn’t like symmetry? A well themed Instagram account looks more professional and attracts more followers. You can theme your grids on basis of Locations, Color tones, Filters and almost anything but just make sure you follow that theme.

Color tone based theme, how to run travel account on Instagram

Theme based on Color tones and temperature


Subject based alignment, How to make travel account on Instagram famous

Subject-based alignment


Alternatively aligned with the subject being in the center.


2. Don’t Use Instagram’s Editor For Editing

Let’s face it no matter how cool Instagram is it’s editor sucks and is only good for editing selfies. Yes, you read it right. There are 1 billion people on Instagram uploading 52 million photographs every day. How is yours different? It’s time to upgrade your skills and stand out of crowd. There are many smartphone apps available to edit travel photos for Instagram.

These are the top five free apps which I recommend for Photo Editing.


edit travel photo in lightroom



Edit travel photos in snapseed


Edit travel photos in VSCO cam


Edit travel photos in Mix App

AutoDesk PIXLR

Edit travel photos on AutoDesk Pixlr


3. Limit Your Edits

There is a fine line between retouching and manipulating photos. Fixing the exposure and putting some dope filter over it is cool but don’t just paste the Himalayas in a picture you took in Hawaii. Even if you decide to do it then clearly mention it in the caption.


4. Put Your Hashtags in Comments

It’s okay to use as many hashtags as Instagram allows you but a long list of hashtags will make your post look ugly. Instead of putting your all hashtags in caption keep 4-5 main hashtags in captions and others in comments. (EDIT: Since April 2017 Instagram has started shadowbanning the posts which have irrelevant/spam hashtags. I would recommend you to not to use any more than 15 hashtags in your post.)


5. Engage With Your Audience

Personalize your account and talk to the followers. Reply to the questions and compliments. once in a while check out leading followers’ account and pay back with few likes. If you won’t engage with your audience then they will lose interest over time. A travel account on Instagram which only comes online to post pictures and check numbers of likes is just a machine. Interaction is necessary, There is a reason why it’s called ‘Social’ media.


6. Take The Advantage Of Stories

Instagram’s stories are a great way to engage with the audience. Instead of posting 10 picture in a day just post 4 and use other 6 in stories. Use stories to show your creativity and your day in a nutshell. Don’t be afraid of playing around with stickers and Boomerang.


7.Go Live

Announce a live feed and let your follower know that you are going to the golden gate bridge this evening and you will be going live from there. Let them be a part of your journey. Welcome them by their username when they join the feed, answer their questions, build a relationship!

Making an account on Instagram is easy but managing one is hard! You gotta be consistent. You need to work around with things and see which works best for you. An account is just like a tree, you need to nurture it at the initial stage and later it will bear you fruits.

So, Now as you’re ready to be an Instagram star let’s check out some ways to make money on Instagram.

Let us know about your Instagram journey in comments. Leave your usernames here so that other travelers can follow you! 🙂

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10 Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear of 2017

10 Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear of 2017


So you just started camping and now you are looking out for Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear for your next adventure. Or maybe you’ve been in the game for quite a while and now trying to upgrade your traveling accessories in the budget. With so many products and brands in the market, people often end up confused and feel cheated after making the purchase. This article lists 10 most trusted Gadgets and Gears for outdoor activities. All of these gears are best sellers and trusted by the community.

Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear of 2017

Paracord Survival Bracelet

Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear, buy Affordable Paracord bracelet, Best Paracord bracelet

This heavy duty military grade paracord bracelet comes with a Whistle, Knife, and Compass. It is a must have encampment GEAR for outdoor Adventurers, Military Personnel, Campers, Hikers, Hunters and for Constant Travelers. It is appropriate for anyone and makes an awesome gift for adventure lovers.

Check it out on Amazon

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear, Best water instant purifier, Best water filter for trekking and hiking, buy cheap water filter online, Lifestraw real review

LifeStraw has been utilized by millions around the globe due to the fact that it surpasses EPA requirements for water filters. It filters up to a thousand liters of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine, or different chemicals. For each LifeStraw you purchase, One poor child is provided with safe drinking water for an entire school year. How cool is that?

Check it out on Amazon

MediSpor First Aid Kit

Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear, Best first aid kit for backpacking, best lightweight first aid box, Buy affordable first aid box online, Best first aid kit for hiking

With over 30 unique gadgets, you may not discover an entire first aid kit for this price. Even though it incorporates 30 items, it measures an insignificant 7.5×5.9×2.1 Inches. Kit come with a protected carabiner and can be clipped on the bag, belt or bicycle. The nicely designed semi-tough case fits anywhere and is perfect for sports activities, survival, day trips, camping, and trekking.
This kit is a must have and can save your life someday. It is absolutely Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear of 2017.

Check it out on Amazon

Folding Solar Panel Charger

Best solar charger for camping, Fast charging solar charger, Buy solar charger online, affordable solar charger, solar charger for hiking

This foldable solar panel is lightweight, strong-built and sensitive to the daylight. It feels sturdy without being heavy and is made from the superior quality material. The triple fold design and lightweight make it very smooth to pack into your backpack. The well-located mounting loops across the panel permit smooth attachment to backpacks, bicycle, tent, etc. This is indeed one of the best backpacking and trekking gear we have ever come across.

Check it out on Amazon

Handheld GPS Navigator

Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear, Most reliable GPS navigator, Best GPS for trekking, Affordable Hiking GPS, Etrex real review

eTrex 10 retains the core functionality, rough development, reasonableness and long battery life that made eTrex the most tried and true GPS gadget accessible. The user-friendly interface and sturdy built of this device superior to any other navigator available in this budget. You can check more about it here.

Check it out on Amazon

Ultra bright LED Headlamp

Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear, Best headlamp for hiking, best headlamp for trekking and backpacking

When you’re setting up your tent at midnight, trail running at evenfall, or just longing for one thing in your attic, you can’t beat the hands-free lighting convenience offered by a light source. This ultra bright water-resistant headlamp is the most durable product one can get in the budget.

Check it out on Amazon

Ultralight Portable Camping Stove

Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear, Most compact and lightweight camping stove, Best camping stove online, etekcity mini camping stove review

There is nothing more energizing than a hot cup of beverage or food in the middle of nowhere. If you have just started backpacking then it is something you should add to your kit. Due to its very compact size and light weight Etekcity stove has gained a lot of popularity among hikers and backpackers. If you’re looking for a portable camping stove in the budget then this the right product for you.

Check it out on Amazon

Portable Camping Light

Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear, Affordable camping light, Best portable camping light, lightweight camping light

This LED lantern is ideal for outdoors, climbing, fishing, BBQ, porch and in addition for crisis readiness. It is a lightweight collapsible outdoors lamp. This Flashlight light is exceptionally compact. It comes with 3 working modes and runs on AA-size batteries. It’s a must have if you participate in outdoor activities.

Check it out on Amazon

Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter

Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear, Best survival knife, best camping knife, buy affordable camping knife online

The Survivor Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife includes a tanto cutting edge and a line wrapped handle, with a 7-inch general length. Perfect for outdoors campaigns and survival preparing, this Survivor solid handle cut components a 3-inch, 4mm dark stainless steel tanto sharp edge. The string wrapped handle gives you unrivaled grasp in even the wettest of conditions. The included magnesium fire starter empowers you to easily begin a fire in the blink of an eye. This blade comes finish with a nylon sheath for simple and safe convey. Intended for open air movement, Survivor offers a wide assortment of exemplary survival blades and tough settled cutting edge blades.

Check it out on Amazon

Camping Cookware Set

Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear, Most compact and lightweight cooking utensils for camping, Camping cookware

This outdoors cookware set is very lightweight and reliable for outdoors, climbing, camp kitchen, exploring, outing and other open air activities. It’s small enough to fit in your backpack or you can clip on your rucksack. It includes almost everything you will ever need on camping. The compact size and sturdy built of this product make it one of the best trekking gear available in the market!
You can buy and check the full specifications.

Check it out on Amazon

This was the list of best backpacking and trekking gear available online in 2017. You can buy them directly from Amazon or any local store around your area. Don’t forget to add your favorite product in the comments so we can add them to the list.
Hope you have a great adventure out there! Check out the list of 2017’s Best songs for Travel Video if you’re planning to document your adventure!

Instagram accounts every mountain lover must follow

Instagram accounts every mountain lover must follow

Mountains are calling but I can’t go, Applied for leave and the boss said no. Balancing the work and adventures have always been a tough task for working super tramps. Choosing adventures over the work is an adventure itself. Blessed are those who are brave enough to choose the nomadic life and live under the sky. The one who are caged within the routine, for them Instagram is the elixir of life. If you can relate to this then trust me friend today you have stumbled upon a treasure chest of Instagram. Here is the list of 10 Instagram accounts every mountain lover must follow.

Instagram accounts every Mountain lover must follow

Mount Everest Official

Instagram accounts every Mountain lover must follow - The Visual Yatra

As the name suggests this Instagram account focus on the Mount Everest and the Khumbu Region of Nepal. This page for those who are passionate about all aspects of nature and the environment.  While the majority of posts you find here will be mountain related, there are also many others that deal with animals and the environment.

Hippie in Hills

Instagram accounts every Mountain lover must follow - The Visual Yatra

This Instagram handle is all about representing The Himalayas and Northeast India in its true essence. As stated by the curator of the Handle, The motto is to create awareness among people about these regions and their rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. They promote eco-friendly, sustainable tourism in the most genuine way possible and want people to come out of their comfort zones and truly become an aware traveler.

The Visual Yatra

Instagram accounts every Mountain lover must follow - The Visual Yatra

There are so many feature accounts on Instagram which feature amazing photos but most the time these accounts end up spamming the newsfeed of users without adding any value. Keeping that in mind we came up with our own handle where we only feature photographs of mountains. We only post one photo a day which helps us in maintaining the quality of posts.
Check out our hashtag #TheVisualYatra where our Followers tag their awesome photos!

Himalayan Geographic

Instagram accounts every Mountain lover must follow - The Visual Yatra

The Karakoram Club

Instagram accounts every Mountain lover must follow - The Visual Yatra

This account features photographers & travelers work which includes mountain ranges of Pakistan whilst showcasing the culture and flora & fauna of this region. This is a platform where one can learn by viewing and discussing the various mountain ranges the country is blessed with.
They also have a Facebook Group with 50K+ members which you can find here.

The Nepal Now

Instagram accounts every Mountain lover must follow - The Visual Yatra

Nepal Now is a handle for tourism-related updates, part of a campaign that seeks to bring you a picture of Nepal as it is now. They offer reliable information, interesting facts and inspiring stories from travelers to Nepal. With blogs, interviews, and news updates, Nepal Now provides a virtual portal into this beautiful Himalayan country.

Insta Himachal

Instagram accounts every Himalaya lover must follow - The Visual Yatra

A Wikipedia to the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh! This handle shares with you places, stories, people, lifestyle and all that you need to know about Himachal, one day at a time. Insta Himachal is a virtual platform where one gets an in-depth glimpse of almost every location, district or place of Himachal Pradesh in terms of culture, people, and nature.

Great Himalayas Trails

Instagram accounts every Mountain lover must follow - The Visual Yatra

Great Himalayas Trail, as the name suggests is an official account of GHT, Nepal. It focuses on the Himalayan region of Nepal which is roughly 1700km and runs from east to west end of Nepal. The account shares beautiful pictures and real-time updates of the region. If you are planning your visit to Nepal then this account can help you a lot in shortlisting the locations.

North East India

Instagram accounts every Mountain lover must follow - The Visual Yatra

Where is northeast is A photography journal of life and places in the Northeast of India, as seen through the lens of travelers. Follow it to take a visual journey through the mountains of the en-explored paradise of India.

If you know any other account which should be on the list then please paste the link in comments so we can add it here.

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Top 10 offbeat Himalayan treks in India

Top 10 offbeat Himalayan treks in India

Trekking is a well-known adventure activity among the travelers in India. The Himalayas provide a diverse playground which hosts the players of every age and due to this vivid gradient, more people are getting into the game every year.  With 600+ trekking companies operating in Indian Himalayas the treks have lost their real charm and every other meadow looks like a regular picnic spot these days(and ugly). So, without wasting any more time here is a rundown of top ten offbeat Himalayan treks in India.

A List of Offbeat Himalayan Treks


1. Dzongri, Sikkim

Offbeat himalayan treks


Duration: 7 days
Difficulty Level: Moderate


Dzongri Trek includes a Scenic trail with the greatest rise of 4020 meters. The fascinating trek offers amazing sights of Mount Padum and Kanchenjunga. The trail navigates through green woods of Oak, Bamboo, Rhododendron, Birch and Maple. With a view of the world’s third highest peak and fascinating meadows, this trek deserves first place in top ten offbeat Himalayan treks!


2. Dayara Bugyal, Uttrakhand

offbeat indian himalayan treks



Duration: 6 Days
Difficulty Level: Easy

Dayara Bugyal is probably one of the most beautiful and peaceful treks in Uttrakhand. The meadow stretch out far and wide and the sight of the Himalayas from here is breathtaking. Situated at a height of around 3048m. The trek experiences open area and thick backwoods at various places. In winters the slopes are covered with snow and are greatly excellent!

3. Parang La Pass, Ladakh


Duration: 8 Days
Difficulty Level: Strenuous

The Parang La Pass Trek that goes to the picturesque valleys of Ladakh, is a standout amongst the most mainstream trekking trails in the Ladakh-Spiti valley. Offering surprising perspectives of the towering mountains and the snow clad slopes. The Parang La trek starts from the Kara villa and proceeds till Karkoza. It begins picking up elevation as it advances through Spiti Valley lastly takes the trekkers to the Tso Moriri Lake.

4. Kashmir Great Lakes, Kashmir

Offbeat himalayan treks


Duration: 8 Days
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

Paradise on earth is the expression that will ring a bell while undertaking the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. The journey starts from a charming spot like Sonamarg and as you stroll along the trails, you get the chance to witness just about the whole scope of environmental zones in the Himalayas.

The trek is very diverse and it takes you through the midst of thick mild woodlands of pine. You then pick up height and enter wildernesses of morinda spruces and deodar trees which vanish as you achieve elevations of more than 11000 feet.

Here you are welcomed by broad glades of lavish grass and bushes and they are anything but difficult to trek through because of their similarly compliment landscape. From these meadows, you will have the capacity to see completely clear lakes and snow-secured mountain crests out there.


5. Dharansi pass, Uttarakhand

Dharansi pass, Uttarakhand - Top ten Himalayan treks The Visual Yatra Top 10 offbeat Himalayan treks

Img Source: Tripoto

Duration: 6 Days
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The Dharansi Pass trek through Lata Kharak is your nearest experience to the confined Nanda Devi Sanctuary. The passage was banned till as of late when it was halfway opened for a set number of guests consistently. The fabulous scenes of crests encompassing the National Park are Trishul (7120m), Dunagiri (7066m), Nanda Devi (7817m), Nanda Devi East (7430m), Bethartoli (6352m) etc. With a limited number of trekkers permitted to enter the sanctuary, one tends to feel blessed to have even entered this one of the best offbeat Himalayan treks.


6. Panwali-Kantha, Uttarakhand

Panwali-Kantha, Uttarakhand -Top ten Himalayan treks The Visual Yatra Top 10 offbeat Himalayan treks

Img Source: Raversexpeditions

Duration: 5 Days
Difficulty Level: Easy

Panwali-Kantha a high height glades, arranged on the south-western edge of Kedarnath in Uttarakhand state. The waterway Ganges takes its source in this remote massif, at the hallowed altar of Gangotri, and surges down to the fields in a heavy rage. The trek offers panoramic views of Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath mountain peaks.
Panwali-Kantha trek is a fairly easy and beautiful trek but yet remains as one of the best offbeat Himalayan treks in India!

7. Buran Ghati

Top ten Himalayan treks The Visual Yatra Top 10 offbeat Himalayan treks

Img Source: India Hike

Duration: 5 Days
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

Buran Ghati is an immediate course from the Pabbar valley to the Sangla valley of Himachal Pradesh and includes the intersection of the 4725 meters high Buran Pass. It is a medium troublesome trek that should be possible anyplace between May-June and September-October. This one is thought to be a mashup of the various treks due to the differing qualities of the landscape. Also, It is additionally one of the slightest navigated offbeat Himalayan treks.

8. Sandakphu, West Bengal

Sandakphu -Top ten offbeat Himalayan treks in india- The Visual Yatra

Img Source: 4bp

Duration: 7 Days
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Trekking into Sandakphu begins off from a height of 1,524 meters and ascends through woods of rhododendron, mammoth magnolias, spruce and different trees. For flora admirers the months of April and May are the best time for the trek while for the individuals who have an unquenchable hunger for a perspective of the mountains; the greatest months are at harvest time.
The view from Sandakphu is unbeatable by any perspective anyplace. With 180 degrees view of mountains like Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, and Kanchenjunga in one single stretch, Sandakphu is one of the most beautiful offbeat Himalayan treks in India.

9. The Bailey Trail, Arunachal Pradesh

The Bailey Trail, Arunachal Pradesh -offbeat Himalayan treks in india - The Visual Yatra

Img Source: Groupouting

Duration: 10 Days
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

Named after British officer Lt. Col. F M Bailey this is an ancient trading route which connects India to Burma and Tibet. It is blessed with panoramic views of  Gorichen and Kangto peaks.
The trek takes you through the mixed subtropical forests to the high Himalayan Meadows and it ends at the world’s second oldest monastery at Tawang. While planning vacations people often miss out NorthEast India which makes this area less explored and peaceful.


10. Markha Valley, Ladakh

Markha Valley, Ladakh - top ten offbeat Himalayan treks in india - The Visual Yatra

Img Source:

Duration: 9 Days
Difficulty Level: Difficult

Markha Valley trek is close to Leh, which is one flight away from Delhi and can be something any voyager to Leh could consider doing.

The trek goes inside a delightful Hemis National Park and includes two pass intersections Gandala La (15748 ft) and Kongmaru La, (17,060 ft). Beside from the striking diverse trekking in a dry frosty desert valley. You get an extraordinary perspective of Ladakh and Zanskar ranges, the Kang Yissay(6,400m) and the Stok Kangri(6,153m). Crossing segments on Markha River to trails going through intriguing Buddhist towns and rough gorge are a portion of the components that give this trek a novel enthusiasm.


If you know other amazing locations then please mention them in comments so we can add them here.

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