How to Manage a Travel Account on Instagram

“Travel and tell no one” – Khalil Gibran I bet if Khalil had Instagram then he would have never said it. The Internet has reached the Everest and a trip is incomplete without putting a picture online. …
Campfire Safety Tips

Campfire Safety Tips to Minimize Dangers

Campfire Safety Mention camping and there are probably three things that spring to a person’s mind; a tent, a sleeping bag, and a campfire. Cavemen, cowboys, and campers have all gathered around campfires through the …
Best songs for Travel Videos, Music for travel videos

2017’s Best songs for Travel Videos

So, You are back from an amazing trip and can’t wait to share those rad shots you recorded all the way up on that mountain but that weird background noise and jump cuts are killing …
Kheerganga Trek Parvati Valley, Khirganga

Kheerganga Trek | Parvati Valley

Located in Parvati valley of Kullu district Kheerganga trek is probably one of the most famous treks in India. The place holds religious importance for Hindus but it is often visited by foreigners. It witnesses …
Chalal, Kasol | Parvati Valley

Why Chalal is better than Kasol | Parvati Valley

  Since last few years Parvati Valley, also known as mini Israel of Himachal Pradesh is grabbing a lot of attention from the young travelers. Mystical Pine Forests, Rave parties, and Marijuana; the valley contains everything youngsters …
Top ten offbeat himalayan treks

Top 10 offbeat Himalayan treks in India

Trekking is a well-known adventure activity among the travelers in India. The Himalayas provide a diverse playground which hosts the players of every age and due to this vivid gradient, more people are getting into …