2020’s Best songs for Travel Videos


So, You are back from an amazing trip and can’t wait to share those rad shots you recorded all the way up on that mountain but that weird background noise and jump cuts are killing the feel. Oops! Don’t worry you can still fix the things up by adding a background track to it. That’s what everyone does, right? But as usual, you can’t remember a single track which fit’s in your video so you end up googling what are the best songs for travel videos.

Here is a list of best songs for travel videos which you can use as the background track.

1.Wake Me Up – Avicii

Avicii surprised the whole EDM industry when he released it in Ultra Music Festival. The Beautiful lyrics and enchanting music of this track instantly connect to any video. With all kind of highs and lows, it provides a perfect ground to experiment with all sorts of jump cuts and transitions.

2.Welcome Home – Radical Face.

You know it’s already a great song when it’s been used by Nikon, Discovery channel and industry-leading companies in their Advertisements. With the touch of Folk music, this song never fails to connect with the audience. It goes well with hiking and trekking videos but can be used anywhere that’s why it’s one of the best songs for travel videos!

3.On My Mind – Don Diablo

With a soulful vocal and atmospheric squelch effects, this song goes well with adventure themed videos. The music is cheerful and revives the sense of summer trips. Try fixing your dull Goa videos with the charm of this song!

4.Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root

Sunshine hitting the windshield, breeze of fresh air brushing your hair and all set up in golden daylight, Oh what a ride! The best thing about road trips is you can use almost any kind of music as a background track. Mix it up with a couple of other 90’s song and there you have a perfect hippie soul video.

5.Stay Alive – José González

If you’ve seen The Secret life of Walter Mitty then you need no special introduction to this song. For the one who has not seen the movie, you can use the song in the video you made during your career break. Time to fix those kasol clips.

6.Free – Rudimental ft. Emeli Sandé

This song is a perfect blend of good music and fresh voice. The original video of the song features wing suit flier and extreme sports athlete Jokke Sommer gliding through the air around the Eiger mountain in the Alps.

7.Car Song – Woody Guthrie

A song for your toddler’s road trip!
This is a song for children(age is just a number), woody keeps imitating a noisy car in the whole track which adds a pinch of humor to it. The song fits well with a vintage/retro-themed video.

8.One day / Reckoning Song – Asaf Avidan

This is something for the love birds splattering the colors of love around the world.
Couple travel Vlogging is taking the internet by storm these days. If you’re one of those birds then try experimenting with this song in your videos.

9.From Gold – Novo Amor

You can use it in the montage of your magical time-lapse videos, macro shots, and surreal morning clips. The soothing music and relaxing voice of Novo Amor do justice with Slow motion shots and other similar compositions.

10.All The Way – Timeflies

Hey, Hey, Hey! When I love someone I love them All The Way! A song for your heroic bicycle adventures and longboarding shots. Check out its video and you will get all the ideas you need!

You can use all these songs in your videos but you won’t be able to upload them to facebook as these songs are copyrighted. Which also means that you won’t be able to monetize the videos on youtube.
If you’re looking for Copyright free songs to monetize your videos then check out Royalty Free Music For Travel Videos>>

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