10 Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear of 2017


You just started camping and now you are looking out for Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear for your first adventure. Or maybe you’ve been in the game for quite a while and now trying to upgrade your traveling accessories in the budget. With so many products and brands in the market of adventure sports, people often end up confused and feel cheated after making the purchase. This article lists 10 most trusted Gadgets and Gears for outdoor activities. All of these gears are best sellers and trusted by the community.

Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear of 2017

Paracord Survival Bracelet

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This heavy-duty military grade paracord bracelet comes with a Whistle, Knife, and Compass. It is a must have encampment GEAR for outdoor Adventurers, Military Personnel, Campers, Hikers, Hunters and for Constant Travelers. It is appropriate for anyone and makes an awesome gift for adventure lovers.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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LifeStraw has been utilized by millions around the globe due to the fact that it surpasses EPA requirements for water filters. It filters up to a thousand liters of contaminated water without iodine, chlorine, or different chemicals. For each LifeStraw you purchase, One poor child is provided with safe drinking water for an entire school year. How cool is that?

MediSpor First Aid Kit

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With over 30 unique gadgets, you may not discover an entire first aid kit for this price. Even though it incorporates 30 items, it measures an insignificant 7.5×5.9×2.1 Inches. Kit comes with a protected carabiner and can be clipped on the bag, belt or bicycle. The nicely designed semi-tough case fits anywhere and is perfect for sports activities, survival, day trips, camping, and trekking.
This kit is a must have and can save your life someday. It is absolutely Best Backpacking and Trekking Gear of 2017.

Folding Solar Panel Charger

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This foldable solar panel is lightweight, strong-built and sensitive to the daylight. It feels sturdy without being heavy and is made from the superior quality material. The triple fold design and lightweight make it very smooth to pack into your backpack. The well-located mounting loops across the panel permit smooth attachment to backpacks, bicycle, tent, etc. This is indeed one of the best backpacking and trekking gear we have ever come across.

Handheld GPS Navigator

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eTrex 10 retains the core functionality, rough development, reasonableness and long battery life that made eTrex the most tried and true GPS gadget accessible. The user-friendly interface and sturdy built of this device superior to any other navigator available in this budget.

Ultra-bright LED Headlamp

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When you’re setting up your tent at midnight, trail running at evenfall, or just longing for one thing in your attic, you can’t beat the hands-free lighting convenience offered by a light source. This ultra-bright water-resistant headlamp is the most durable product one can get in the budget.

Ultralight Portable Camping Stove

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There is nothing more energizing than a hot cup of beverage or food in the middle of nowhere. If you have just started backpacking then it is something you should add to your kit. Due to its very compact size and light weight Etekcity stove has gained a lot of popularity among hikers and backpackers. If you’re looking for a portable camping stove in the budget then this the right product for you.

Portable Camping Light

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This LED lantern is ideal for outdoors, climbing, fishing, BBQ, porch and in addition for crisis readiness. It is a lightweight collapsible outdoors lamp. This Flashlight light is exceptionally compact. It comes with 3 working modes and runs on AA-size batteries. It’s a must-have if you participate in outdoor activities.

Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter

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The Survivor Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife includes a tanto cutting edge and a line wrapped handle, with a 7-inch general length. Perfect for outdoors campaigns and survival preparing, this Survivor solid handle cut components a 3-inch, 4mm dark stainless steel tanto sharp edge. The string wrapped handle gives you unrivaled grasp in even the wettest of conditions. The included magnesium fire starter empowers you to easily begin a fire in the blink of an eye. This blade comes finish with a nylon sheath for simple and safe convey. Intended for open-air movement, Survivor offers a wide assortment of exemplary survival blades and tough settled cutting edge blades.

Camping Cookware Set

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This outdoors cookware set is very lightweight and reliable for outdoors, climbing, camp kitchen, exploring, outing and other open-air activities. It’s small enough to fit in your backpack or you can clip on your rucksack. It includes almost everything you will ever need on camping. The compact size and sturdy built of this product make it one of the best trekking gear available in the market!
You can buy and check the full specifications.

This was the list of best backpacking and trekking gear available online. You can buy them directly from Amazon or any local store around your area. Don’t forget to add your favorite product in the comments so we can add them to the list. Hope you have a great adventure out there! Also check out the list of 2017’s Best songs for Travel Video if you’re planning to document your adventure!

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